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Do Your Part! | Ice Fisherman | Help Needed

Do Your Part!

To help prevent the introduction and control the spread of aquatic invasive species and diseases in the Pike Lake Chain PLEASE:

  • INSPECT your boat, trailer and equipment (see picture below)
  • REMOVE any attached aquatic plants or animals (before launching, after loading and before transporting on a public highway).
  • DRAIN all water from boats, motors and all equipment.
  • NEVER MOVE live fish away from a water body (keep them on ice, not in a live-well)
  • DISPOSE of unwanted bait in the trash.
  • BUY minnows from a Wisconsin bait dealer. Use leftover minnows only under certain conditions.*

*You may take leftover minnows away from any state water and use them again on that same water.  You may use leftover minnows on other waters only if no lake or river water, or other fish were added to their container.

NOTICE:  Brooms have been added to the signage at each boat landing on the Pike Lake Chain to assist you in the removal of aquatic vegetation from your boat and trailer.  Please free to use but return to its place when done. Thank You!

Ice Fisherman

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) is not only a concern in the summer with anglers, but also in the winter with ice anglers.  Please be sure that ALL of your ice fishing equipment is free from all plant and animal material, even when moving to another part of the chain to fish.  That includes equipment with mud on it.  Please be sure to rinse off equipment in the hole before using in another area.

Help Needed

If you are interested in being a chair person or a member of this committee and organizing regular boat landing inspections on the chain during the boating season, please contact us by clicking on the button below and then completing the form.